Borosilciate Glass Tube

The advantages of borosilicate glass consist in its multifunctionalism. Borosilicate glass combines high heat resistance with high stability against chemical aggressions. The long-term service temperature is around 450<C. Furthermore, the glass is resistant to water, neutral and acid solutions, strong acids and saline solutions as well as to chlorine, bromine, iodine and organic substances. These characteristics allow the application where soda-lime glass fails.Owing to its high optical translucency, borosilicate glass already transmits part of UV-B radiation and UV-A radiation very much.

Yao glass supply wide range of borosilicate and quartz glass tube. With special technic of heat moulding,precision machines provide the pipes to obtain bordering, flanges, amendments of diameter, hollowing, with very restricted tolerances.Colored borosilicate glass tubes are also available.

borosilicate glass tube fabricated boro-tube fabricated boro-tube color borosilicat glass tube